Sick Sad Blue


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Fabrica presents Sick Sad Blue, a new editorial project based on the creative research of young photographer Federica Sasso and her friendship with clairenough, a woman in her early twenties with a five-year history of anorexia.

Federica met clairenough a year ago, during a study on the world of post-adolescents. An initial camaraderie quickly developed into friendship:Federica, 24, and clairenough, 23, began to write each other and meet in person, even when clairenough's illness sent her first to a psychiatric ward and then to an inpatient clinic for eating disorders.

“Sick Sad Blue” is how clairenough describes herself on Instagram and became the title of the project, which documents a year of friendship as clairenough tackles the difficult road to recovery.

Federica has organized the project—soon to be a book—from two points of view: her photos of clairenough, taken during visits to the hospital and time spent together outside the clinic; and  the photos and words clairenough posts about herself on social media, primarily Instagram and Facebook. The portrait that emerges is of a young woman obsessed with her image, who loves flowers and fashion while being fully aware of her suffering.

Sick Sad Blue is told in two voices: for Federica, it's a professional assignment that evolved into personal reflection and emotionalinvolvement, while for clairenough it's an opportunity to challenge herself and be seen for who she really is.

Publisher: Fabrica

First edition

Pages: 76
Format: 22,5 x 28 cm
Language: English-Italian

© FABRICA 2016


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