Iceland / Boiling Ice - Imago Mundi


Contemporary Artists from Iceland
Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection

Texts by Luciano Benetton, Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson, Rakel Rós Ólafsdóttir, Maurizio Tani

143 works by artists from every corner of the country that takes its name from the ice: women and men of all ages, with very different careers behind them, but all citizens of one of the world’s most cultured and advanced societies.

Imago Mundi captures and reveals the cultural vibrancy of the island of bubbling volcanoes and geysers. Spontaneous artistic movements express themselves in a figurative language that places nature at its heart: snow-capped mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, birds, flowers, constantly changing skies, together with material elements, particularly Icelandic wool, which disrupt the two-dimensionality of the small canvases and evoke a harsh rural, pastoral civilization.

Iceland / Boiling Ice is an Imago Mundi collection, a cultural, democratic, global, non-profit project, promoted by Luciano Benetton with the aim of creating the widest possible mapping of the different contemporary artistic experiences of our world. In Imago Mundi, each country is represented by the works of established artists and new talents, commissioned with the maximum freedom of expression, whose only constraint is the 10 x 12 cm format. is the web platform of the entire project

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