Up to Now. Fabrica Photography


With Up to Now. Fabrica Photography, Fabrica offers a rich and intense overview on more than twenty years of visual research. From 1994 the research centre has explored photography in its various facets, from journalistic documentation to editorial projects, from communication campaigns to more distinctly artistic projects. Not to forget, the essential and pioneering experiment of COLORS magazine, which shares with Fabrica the same celebration of the world’s diversity, the attention to social, political, economic, environmental and lifestyle issues.

The red thread of this experience has always been the promotion of young international talents who, arrived at Fabrica as grantholders, have had the opportunity to grow and improve, and have then continued their careers and often affirmed themselves as acknowledged professionals.

This catalog concentrates on the works of 37 young photographers that, over the years, have become renowned international authors.

Publisher: Fabrica
First edition
Pages: 112
Format: 26 X 32 cm
Language: English / Italian
ISBN: 978-88-98764-95-2

© FABRICA 2017

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