WE NEVER LEFT Postcards set


We never left, is a collective project that joins 16 creatives — Fabrica alumni and current residents – exploring concepts of reunion, connection and belonging. A limited and numbered edition set of handmade silkscreened posters and postcards. Presented in Fabrica Features Lisboa gallery on the renewal of the space in December 2015.

Each set is composed by 4 postcards from two different designers.
Limited editions of 60 numbered postcards, silkscreen by hand with acrylic paint, on a 320 gm Fedrigoni Paper, 15x10 cm. 

Include one black envelop.


Set 1 — Vivóeusébio and Tomás Pichardo

Set 2 — Ariana Couvinha and Elise Santangelo 

Set 3 — Tom Fethers and Cãoceito

Set 4 — Tomomi Maezawa and Gaston Lisak (fluo paint)

Set 5 — Hyrul Anuar and Daniela Mesina (white paint)

Set 6 — Elliot Burford and Studio AH—HA (fluo paint)

Set 7 — Mariana Fernandes and Ordinary People (metallic gold oil paint)

Set 8 — Anna Kulachek and Joana Coelho/ Marta Barros (stars: photoluminescent paint)



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